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Our mission statement

Trust, joy and harmony are the most important basic principles of the PIINKex Ltd employees when dealing with each other. We absorb downward movement and the sky’s the limit!
In concrete terms this means:

  • We trust each other, especially the abilities and competences of our clients’ fellow employees.
  • We treat each other with respect and care, with curiosity and mutual encouragement.
  • Together with our clients’ fellow employees we are a team, we offer help and accept assistance.
  • We strive for work of the highest quality even though we will make mistakes.
  • We search for and acknowledge the good in every member of our teams.
  • We also offer honest criticism, but only if the person in question is present.
  • Reflection and immediate mutual feedback are important elements in matching the ideals of the learning organisation and initiating the CIP.
  • Our will to perform is supported by diligence, endurance, reliability and commitment.
  • We assume responsibility and initiative, even when mistakes occur.
  • We respect other people’s property and treat it with care.


Willingness, Allowing and Ability – there is only one proof – the Doing.