Feel the spirit of innovation.



The classical method of organisation – as in the organisation of structure, processes and projects – will probably remain in existence for a long time. A structural element adherent to innovations can only rarely be found within it.

Innovation management must overcome structures and create elements which cannot be found traditionally. Innovation management requires elements which are aimed at the specific range of products within the individual enterprise and its structure.

At the same time, circumstances and situations, as well as the market changes and changes in the world-wide patent system have to be taken into account.

Members of working groups possess diverse abilities, and thus an interdisciplinary staffing of the teams covers all the necessary competences.

Corporately agreed rules and work-flows link the individual segments, allow objective oriented work and prevent idle work results. The next quality gate is only opened when the established criteria are verifiably met.



Structures create security, flexible organisation elements and corporately agreed work flows make it possible to meet challenges and grow stronger.